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RFm Wireless Communication Device

The RFm allows the CheckStar Multi to become wireless when used in conjunction with an IQVu. Previously a CheckStar Multi would connect via a cable to an IQVu or a TorqueStar Opta. This addition to the IQVu family allows the CheckStar Multi to be situated in areas where long lengths of cable would be a hazard, or impractical.

The RFm reads the Torque and Angle values in real time and converts them to digital values. The unit analyses the digital samples using measurement algorithms to calculate properties of the fastening such as Peak or Click. The RFm communicates the final fastening readings to an IQVu using RF giving a range of approximately 10m*.

If the RFm loses its link to the IQVu, then it continues to work offline, storing up to 200 readings. It is very easy to pair, (associate the connection) with a particular IQVu.

It is extremely easy to pair with our IQVu data collector. If for some reason the RFm loses its link to the IQVu, it continues to work offline storing up to 200 readings, which are then updated as soon as the connection is restored.

Key Features

  • Can store up to 200 readings in offline mode
  • Bi-directional torque, angle and pulse count measurement
  • Status LED alerts for charging etc.
  • USB port for diagnostics and battery charging
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