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Joint Kits

The performance of an assembly tool is highly dependent on the conditions of the actual production joint on which it is used. Tooling engineers are well aware of the ‘mean shift’ term used to describe the different torque delivered by the same tool when applied to a soft or hard joint. It is therefore essential in testing and setting up tools off the production line to allow for the joint condition which the tool will experience on the job.

Crane’s joint kits satisfy this requirement by using a bolt and suitably configured disc washers allowing free running of the bolt and a subsequent torque gradient to closely match the production joint condition.

Two versions are available. Female ‘Transducer Top’ Joint Kits are used in conjunction with female stationary transducers, while Table Top Joint Kits are used with CheckStar rotary transducers. The latter are fixed to a workbench and are particularly suitable for off-line testing of impulse tools. Both versions incorporate a selection of disc washers and spacers that may be configured to simulate various joint conditions.

Key Features

  • Represent production joint conditions off the production line
  • Can be adjusted to include joint conditions specified by ISO 5393
  • Allows free running of bolt before torque gradient
  • Major benefit to accurate tool test and set-up
  • Used in combination with stationary torque transducers or CheckStar rotary torque transducers
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