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Torque Solutions for the Rail Industry

Crane Electronics’ Torque measurement and management solutions are utilised across the Rail Industry in a number of applications. We have supplied rail carriage manufacturers with a number of our Torque tool auditing equipment, ensuring the correct and safe assembly of their carriages for both rail and subway applications.

In addition, manufacturers of key components such as braking systems and actuators have utilised our Torque Wrench & Data Collector pairing to ensure all component assemblies are secure and all of important production data is collected and stored for their records.

The requirement for Rail safety is just as paramount as in all other transport areas such as Automotive and Aerospace. Our Torque tool testing and auditing solutions ensure that manufacturers, end-users and passengers have peace of mind that the fastening of all critical joints, parts and components are correct, recorded and traceable.

Products available in this industry include;

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