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Tool Auditing and Torque Testing for Calibration

The need for accuracy and precision in today’s manufacturing industries is vital, as companies aim to deliver the highest quality goods to the ever discerning consumer.  As ‘Quality Management’ has developed in Industry over the years, many manufacturers now have their own ‘in-house’ tool calibration departments or outsource to external calibration houses.  Our Torque equipment […]


15 Years of the TorqueStar Opta!

Launched in 2003, the TorqueStar Opta Torque Data Collector has since become the equipment of choice for the measurement and collection of Torque, Angle, Pulse and Force data in the manufacturing and quality environment. The TorqueStar’s software features can be individually specified to give a configuration most suited to the application, from a simple no-frills […]


Torque Talks: What is Angle?

What is Angle?  When tightening and measuring Torque, ‘Angle’ is the degrees of rotation that a fastener turns during its rundown process.  For example, if a Torque Wrench was to turn and tighten a bolt in one full rotation, this would be 360 degrees. Determining the angle required for individual bolts as well as the […]


Accurate joint representation through our series of Joint Kits

Tooling engineers are well aware of the ‘mean shift’ term used to describe the different Torque delivered by the same tool when applied to a soft or hard joint. It is therefore essential, in testing and set-up of tools off the production line, to allow for the actual joint condition which the tool will experience […]


Equipment of choice for Aerospace OEM and Key Suppliers

We supply products & solutions to OEM’s in the Aviation Industry, as well as suppliers of key components such as jet engines and fuel systems etc. The industry expects nothing but the absolute highest standards in quality and safety with precision assembly; a statement that sits well with Crane Electronics as we pride ourselves on […]


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