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WrenchStar Multi Torque Wrench

The WrenchStar Multi Digital Torque Wrench is perfect for users who require Torque and Angle data digitally recording and a reliable, versatile and robust Torque Wrench.

The wrench has a clear OLED display screen to view the current task information, combined with a 360° Light Ring that is completely visible at any angle plus a vibration alert to indicate results.

The WrenchStar Multi works in combination with our revolutionary IQVu Torque Data Collector or our TCI Lineside Controller via either an RF wireless connection or via a cable. Together, they are a perfect solution to accurately measure and tighten critical fasteners to your preset torque specifications.

For versatility, if the Digital Torque Wrench goes out of range of its paired controller, it can continue to collect data with storage for up to 200 readings, allowing you to work offline. Once back in range, the WrenchStar Multi then automatically connects to the IQVu or TCI and communicates the data.

Key Features

  • A 360 light ring displaying the colour status of readings and vibration alert
  • Can be used wirelessly (RF) or with a cable option
  • Quick change battery pack for extended shift time use – Chargeable internally & externally
  • Interchangeable heads with ID for auto length compensation
  • A small OLED display that is clear and bright
  • Capable of recording up to 200 readings offline before having to return to the data collector
  • Compatible with the most advanced data collector the IQVu and our TCI lineside controller
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