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Stationary Transducers

Crane’s Static Torque Transducers are the quality choice for the testing of all continuous drive, impulse and hand Torque tools in the workshop and production lineside environment.

Stationary Transducers are used off the production line in workshop or lineside test stations. Combined with Joint Kits that represent the production Joint condition, the Stationary Transducers form an effective offline test for verification of assembly tool performance.

Stationary Transducers enable Plug and Play operation with Crane Readout and Data Collector devices and are automatically recognised, eliminating set-up errors and enabling logging of serial number against measurements for complete traceability. An Industry Standard (IS) version is also available where a user needs the features of the Static Transducer but already has a Readout device from another manufacturer.

Key Features

  • Suitable for measurement of all continuous drive, impulse and hand Torque tools
  • Automatic tool recognition
  • Combine with Joint Kits for workshop simulation of hard to soft Joints
  • Incorporate into custom built mobile test stations
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IS Stationary Transducer Manual UTA Stationary Transducer Manual


Crane Electronics also specialise in Rotary Torque Transducers with our range of CheckStar and CheckStar Multi torque transducers.

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