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CheckStar Multi Torque Transducer

The CheckStar Multi is the latest generation of inline Rotary Torque Transducers from Crane Electronics. It raises the standard for dynamic Torque and Angle measurement of all continuous drive and impulse tools, with a proven reliable performance. 

The CheckStar Multi Rotary Torque Transducer fits in line between the assembly tool and the fastener, measuring the actual Torque applied and the angular rotation of the fastener, under production conditions.

The low inertia design of the CheckStar Multi ensures accurate and repeatable measurement of high speed transients, such as the point of shut-off on continuous drive tools and the pulsing of impulse tools.

Using on board intelligence the CheckStar Multi is automatically recognised by Crane Data Collectors or Readout devices, eliminating set-up errors and enabling the logging of serial numbers against measurements for complete traceability.

Key Features

  • Inline Rotary Torque Transducers with optional angle measurement
  • Patented design ensures no brush bounce even when used with impulse tools
  • Suitable for use with all continuous drive tools, impulse tools and Torque wrenches
  • Compatible with most industry standard Data Collectors and Readouts
  • Automatic Transducer recognition with Crane Data Collectors and Torque Readout devices
  • Easily viewed light ring showing status, when used with Crane Data Collectors and Readout devices
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