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OMS Software Documents – Tutorials


Tutorial Documents;

1 – SQL Server

2a – OMS

2b – Remote Connection

3 – USB Connection

4 – OMS Upgrade Firewall

5a-b-c – AspNet-IIS, PC Windows 7-8-10

5d – AspNet – IIS Server

6 – Web Services

7a – IQVu WiFi

7b – Fix IP Address

7c – IQVu Ethernet


Whether you are connecting OMS as a standalone system or otherwise, see below where the tutorials are applicable to you depending on your setup and connection preferences.



USB – 1, 2a, 3

WS WiFi – 1, 2a, 5a-b-c, 4, 6, 7a

WS Wired – 1, 2a, 5a-b-c, 4, 6, 7b, 7c



On the Server:

USB – 1, 2a2b

WS WiFi – 1, 2a, 2b, 5d, 6, 4, 7a

WS Wired – 1, 2a, 2b, 5d, 6, 4, 7c

On the PC:

USB – 2a, 3

WS WiFi – 2a, 4

WS Wired – 2a, 4


For more information or support for the OMS Software program,please get in touch with us here.

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