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Torque Management for the Renewable Energy Industry


Power generation, utilising both fossil fuels or nuclear power, are the current typical methods in the Energy Industry today. However, as global reserves slowly become depleted, the influence and investment within renewable energy methods is increasing.


With new technologies evolving and becoming more widespread, the requirement for Torque management and measurement is becoming increasingly evident. For example, with the growing popularity and ease of access to renewable wind energy, the production, installation and maintenance of wind turbines requires the correct Torque levels within critical components.


This is vital as they will often have to operate in extremely hostile environments such as offshore and in regions that are exposed to harsh weather conditions.


Products available in this industry include;


Our sister company, Industrial Measurements Ltd (IML) also has a wide range of products & solutions for the Renewable Energy Industry for accurate Torque measurement within critical components, often moving parts and generators that require higher Torque & industrial sized solutions.Take a look at the IML website for more information.


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