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A digital torque wrench from Crane, being used on a car engine during the quality audit stage of vehicle production

Joint tightening Torque Audits are vital in the Automotive Industry

Crane Electronics specialises in the supply of torque management tools and systems for inspection and quality auditing applications within the Automotive Industry. This is a critical and vital area for the production and assembly of cars, trucks and motorcycles to ensure complete peace of mind for quality and safety whilst also ensuring total traceability and […]

The mobile tool torque station trolley set up with static and rotary transducers, printer and OMS on tablet

Reliable test platform for your Torque tools

For a reliable and portable platform to test the Torque readings of your production and assembly tools as well as store your Torque testing equipment, the MTTS is the perfect solution. The Mobile Tool Torque Station can be supplied as a simple, standalone tool cart or completely tailored to your requirements incorporating Crane Torque Transducers […]

The IQVu torque data collector and the WrenchStar Multi digital torque wrench partnership

The perfect pair for Torque Data Management

The WrenchStar Multi Digital Torque Wrench and the IQVu Torque Data Collector make the perfect pairing for measuring, monitoring and recording Torque Data within the production environment. Whether it is the manufacture of new cars, motorcycles, trains, aeroplanes, heavy-duty excavators or even white goods such as washing machines, the solution is simple. For more information […]


The History of Crane

Since the launch of Crane Electronics in 1971, we are proud to have made numerous product innovations, revolutionizing Torque management in industry. Take a look at some of the ground-breaking products and milestones we have achieved over the yearshere.

a pile of loose steel nuts and bolts

The effect of lubricant on Torque tightening

If there is the presence of a lubricant on a fastener, the coefficient of friction on the thread and the under-head changes. When a fastening is then Torqued up, it is overcoming the friction and applying a clamp load. If the friction goes down due to a lubricant then the clamp load will alter for […]


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