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Torque solutions to Automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers

Did you know that as well as supplying Torque management solutions to a whole host of Automotive manufacturers, we also supply solutions to a multitude of Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers to the industry too? Our equipment is used across the industry in the construction of many critical components that make up a complete […]


The CapStar cap release Torque Tester

The CapStar II is a simple and easy to operate bottle cap / closure Torque Tester. The CapStar is specifically designed for use in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and cosmetic industries and gives manufacturers the ability to accurately measure the tightening and release Torque on packaging, ideal for an added safety or freshness guarantee. […]


The Auto Transducer Switching Box from Crane

The Auto Transducer Switching Box from Crane enables up to 5 Torque Transducers to be connected, simultaneously, to either our TorqueStar or IQVu Data Collectors. This eliminates the need to manually connect and disconnect Torque Transducers to your Torque Data Collector when required and allows the TorqueStar or IQVu to suggest the most suitable Torque […]


Torque Equipment Testing in the Aerospace Industry

Crane Electronics offers a variety of Torque management products for the testing of Assembly Tools and Torque equipment within the Aerospace Industry.   In such a high-quality and safety-led industry, there are demands for unparalleled protection meaning there is a greater need for the control of Torque tightening.   Crane Electronics plays a crucial role […]


The Revolutionary IQVu Torque Data Collector

The IQVu Data Collector from Crane is the most revolutionary Torque Data Collector in the world; combining all of the features of our established TorqueStar Opta Data Collector with a market leading, robust tablet. The IQVu provides the ideal solution for the measurement and collection of Torque, Angle and Pulse Data in the manufacturing and […]


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