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Complete harmonisation of Torque measurement tools

Our series of Torque measurement and auditing equipment is designed and manufactured to work together in complete harmony. Our series of Digital Torque Wrenches, Rotary and Static Torque Transducers and Torque Data Collectors all connect seamlessly to deliver a complete Torque management solution, alongside our own OMS Torque Software or the customers own systems. For […]


Guaranteed product robustness and peace of mind

When major Aerospace and Defence component suppliers need to refine and safeguard the final quality of their components, they turn to Crane Electronics for their Torque tightening solutions.  The IQWrench2 Digital Torque Wrench is the tool of choice for precision Torque tightening and the built in Data Collection feature allows users to measure, tighten and […]


First class customer service from Crane

We recently received some great feedback from a customer who had their Torque measuring equipment calibrated with us. Our Customer Service department dealt with the equipment swiftly, leaving the customer extremely happy. “Crane Electronics were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They provided us with a great service, at a great price and with a […]


IQVu and WrenchStar Multi – The perfect pairing

Whether it is the manufacture of cars, motorcycles, trains, aeroplanes, heavy-duty excavators or even white goods such as washing machines, the WrenchStar Multi Digital Torque Wrench and the IQVu Torque Data Collector make the perfect pairing for tightening, measuring and recording assembly Torque data. For more information about either of these products and other Torque […]


Customised, bespoke torque solutions for measuring Torque

Do you require a more customised and bespoke solution for measuring Torque?  Industrial Measurements Ltd have been designing & manufacturing bespoke industrial Torque Transducers and Sensors for over 35 years. IML pride themselves on being able to help their customers measure and manage their Torque applications, no matter what the challenge or scale.  Find out […]


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