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Product Section UK US
Torque Transducers
CheckStar Rotary Torque Transducer X X
CheckStar Multi Rotary Torque Transducer X X
Stationary Static Transducer X X
RFm Wireless Communications Device X X
Torque Wrenches
WrenchStar Multi Torque Wrench X X
IQWrench2 Opta Torque Wrench X X
Torque Data Collectors
IQVu Torque Data Collector X X
TorqueStar Opta Torque Data Collector X X
ReadStar II Torque Data Collector X X
Lineside Controllers
TCI Multi Lineside Controller X X
Torque Testers
ReadStar TT Torque Tester X X
CapStar II Torque Tester X X
Joint Simulator Bench
tJRS Opta Joint Simulator Bench X X
Torque Software
OMS Torque Software X X
Mobile Tool Torque Station (MTS) X X
Joint Kits X X
WrenchLoader X X
Auto Transducer Switching Box X X
Industry Overview UK US
Aerospace X X
Automotive X X
Construction & Mining X X
Renewable Energy & Power X X
Useful Documents UK US
What are Rotary Torque Transducers? X X
Why is Torque Data Collection important? X X

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