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Crane Electronics has revolutionised the Torque Data Collection market over the years and has a complete offering of leading Torque Data Collectors to suit all applications and budgets in Industry.
In 1986, it all started when Crane Electronics launched the world’s 1st practical Torque processors which incorporated SPC and organised Data Collection, revolutionising the way various industry’s managed Torque Data Collection.
Since then, in 2003, the ground-breaking TorqueStar Opta Torque Data Collector was launched, followed by the ReadStar II Data Collector in 2004, offering the option of a basic Torque Data Collector. In 2014, Crane launched the innovative IQVu Torque Data Collector, taking the next step in the evolution of Data Collection for Industry.
The TorqueStar Opta is the equipment of choice for the measurement and collection of Torque, Angle, Pulse and Force data in the manufacturing and quality environment. The TorqueStar Torque Data Collectors have a range of software features that can be individually specified to give a configuration which is most suited to the requirement, from a simple no-frills readout to a comprehensive audit tool with display of Torque or Force curves and specialist measurement routines.
The ReadStar II is a basic, easy to use readout which allows measurement and collection of torque data, with storage of up to 200 readings. The multilingual software and consistent interface ensures ease of use when working with external torque transducers. The ReadStar II has a variety of modes and can measure track, peak, 1” peak (click) and pulse. Results are shown on an easy read display. Time and date stamped readings can be set to print automatically.
The IQVu from Crane Electronics is the most revolutionary Torque Data Collector in the world. It combines all of the features of the established TorqueStar with a market leading, robust Tablet to give a modern and familiar product. It provides the ideal solution for the measurement and collection of torque, angle, and pulse data in the manufacturing and quality environment.
For more information about our ranges of Torque Data Collectors take a lookhereor for a quote,click here.
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