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Crane offer a variety of different rotary torque transducers and torque sensors which have helped revolutionise and shape the industry standard for torque transducers.
The original torque transducer the UTA (Universal Torque Analyser) transducer was introduced by Crane Electronics in 1978 and was the world’s first ‘smart’ transducer which could ‘talk’ to the readout, eliminating set-up errors and also incorporated ‘plug and play’ cables, long before this became a household term. Many of these original transducers are still in use today.
The next step up in the development of rotary torque transducers and torque sensors was introduced with the IS (Industry Standard) transducer which was launched in 1986 becoming the world’s first in-line transducer capable of the repeatable measurement of impulse tools.
The next innovation from Crane spawned the CheckStar rotary torque transducer. The CheckStar set the standard for dynamic torque and angle measurement of all continuous drive and impulse tools, with proven reliable performance. The CheckStar is now in use in thousands of installations worldwide.
In 2014, Crane released an upgraded version of the CheckStar, the CheckStar Multi. The ‘Multi’ version incorporates an LED light ring giving visual feedback when torque and angle targets are hit and also offers a complete improvement on performance and durability. Our torque transducers can be connected to our range of data collectors, such as the IQVu, either via a cable or wirelessly via our new RFm connection devices.
For more information about our ranges of torque transducers take a lookhereor for a quote,click here.
What are Rotary Torque Transducers?

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