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Crane Electronics’ series of digital torque wrenches have helped revolutionise and shape the industry standard for torque wrenches over the years. From simple test torque wrenches up to a complete ‘all in one’ solutions with built in auditing and data collection services, Cranes torque wrenches are of the highest standard.
In 2004 Crane Electronics launched the ProWrench Opta, our first digital torque wrench which combined all the features of a high specification digital torque wrench and a data collection device in one
package. The ProWrench Opta was ideal for both Quality Audit and Production environments and was designed to make life easy for its users.
The success of the ProWrench led to the development of the new and improved IQWrench in 2007 and the further updatedIQWrench2in 2012. The IQWrench made significant improvements to Crane’s torque wrench offering which now incorporated highly sophisticated software, providing world-class performance and reliability.
The IQWrench’s software can be upgraded at any time, increasing its flexibility and it can also be completely configured to fulfil the customer’s needs, anything from a basic tool up to an advanced data collection system incorporating RF data transfer and barcode scanning.
In 2015, Crane released the newWrenchStar Multidigital torque wrench to compliment the new IQVu torque data collector. The WrenchStar Multi is perfect for users who require Torque and Angle data digitally recording along with a reliable, versatile and robust torque wrench.
The WrenchStar can collect up to 200 data readings whilst working offline. Once it is in range of its paired controller, it then automatically connects communicates the data.
For more information about our range of digital torque wrenches take a lookhereor for a quote,click here.

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